• General Domestic Pest Management
  • Gel Treatment (Original Maxforce gel)
  • Anti – Termite Treatment (Pre / Post Construction)
  • Herbal Pest Control, Cockroaches, ants, lizards, spider & other insects.
  • Rodent Control
  • Weed Control
  • Garden Treatment
  • Fogging
  • Wood Borrer


Anti - Termite Management

1.Anti – Termite Management Termites commonly known as white-ants, Termites are social & soft body insects. They require high level of humidity and temperature. The most common types of termites that cause damage to man-made constructions are dry wood and subterranean ones. Dry wood termite infestation can be identified by their fecal pellets, which resemble sawdust. This is one of the initial signs of dry wood termite infestation and these fecal pellets (mud tubes) are often found on or near window sills or any wooden structure. These termites can spread fast throughout the house and cause damage to the construction. If you notice any mud tubes or tunnels made by termites near the basement or the walls, you can make sure that the house is infested with subterranean termites, which require moisture for survival and so, are mostly found underground, or in damp locations or damp or wet wood in houses. Around 0.5 mm is good enough to gain entry. As compared to subterranean termites, dry wood ones are larger in size. Our Four Step service for Termite Management shall give you freedom from termites:
Step 1 Treatment at the Junction of Wall / floor
Step 2 Treatment at points of contact of fixed wood work.
Step 3 Treatment to mud tube shelters
Step 4 Coating on all wood work / fixtures


Cockroaches Treatment

German cockroaches – It is observed in Kitchen, pantry, Room, electric box Cabinets, Draws etc. American cockroaches – It is observed in toilets, shaft, sewer, gutter, basement store area etc.

Intensive/extensive spray with water based chemicals with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Method. Kitchen, pantry, toilets, sewer, gutter entire store, Computer, Lawn area, service area, etc. to be treated with specially formulated chemicals By Pneumatic high Pressure Pump It’s effective to control American cockroaches and German cockroaches

This is to inform you all that we have come up with a revolutionary technology in cockroach’s control. No smell No need to vacate any pantry. Absolutely hassle free. One cockroach eat gel then they contaminate the other cockroaches thus ensuring complete eradication of existing cockroaches Uses – electrical area, Kitchen, Draws, Computer Table, Cabinet It’s effective to control German cockroaches




Many species of spiders are common household pests. Spiders are considered a beneficial pest because of their prey to other insects and many people do not consider spider control measures for most spiders. Because spiders have eight legs, they are easy to separate from insects, which have only six legs. Another distinction between spiders and other pests is that spiders do not have wings or antennae. Spiders are arachnids. Some Spiders populations are found in humid and moist locations like basements and crawl spaces. Other Spiders prefer dry and warm places. They can be found in upper corners of rooms and attics as well as sub floor air-vents. Spiders prefer to hide in dark areas and in cracks as a retreat in order to construct material
for their webs.

Methodology by Spray
1. Perimeter Spray Treatment: – If spiders are present, spray a residual insecticide treatment around all entry points and the perimeter of your premises. Spray anywhere they are webbing.
2. Indoor Spray Treatment – Spray along baseboards, in corners and under furniture. Crack and crevice tip to spray along baseboards, window and door frames, corners, pipes and other areas where spiders may crawl.
3. Use glue boards or sticky traps.


Lizards are the unsolicited guests that are capable of creating hassle in the house or office. Although lizards feed mosquitoes & insects. Lizards are usually seen in a shaded plant dance area behind a certain or sofa also surrounding the light. They may contaminate products. There are several different types that naturally occur around houses and other buildings, they may be a pest according to the season or geographic region. Lizards are pests simply by their presence indoors; they do not live or infest indoor areas, but come in from surrounding vegetation.

Lizards are active during day and night, lizards eat spiders, Ants and other insects. Spray with water based chemicals towards the live lizard in none production area. Kitchen, pantry, Rooms, Balcony and Inner & Outer side building. And we will use lizard traps in the production area.




Flies are usually seen in the kitchen, Lobby, Entrance area Dumping places, garbage landfills and anywhere organic matter or food stuff.
Two types of flies a) House Flies b) Drain Flies
House flies may spread diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis diarrhea and dysentery. We treat ceiling, windows, frame Kitchen/pantry dining walls and other insect contact areas. Treatment the area with a space spray to kill the foraging adults insecticide can be used in kitchen/pantry area safely and will Eliminate any that are active to break the cycle of breading apply insecticide around base boards counter taps, sinks and other area close to the flood sources. Treatment has to be decided as per the infestation of flies at your premises.

1. By surface spray (spray should be done early in the morning when the fly are at ground level and have not gained sufficient hit from the sun to disperse.
2. by batting treatment.
3. By using a fly strip, fly glue board.
4. By using a fly catcher machine.
5. by use citronella candle and other repellants. Identifying the source of entry and accordingly


Rats are very fast and agile animals and therefore, careful manipulation and constant vigilance is necessary to keep a place free of rats. Rats are found in the kitchen area, store area, office area & outer side area. Rats cause damage to packaging materials, gnaw wood, pipes, electrical cable, books, carpets. Our operator will maintain a constant watch on the progress. He will visit your premises as per requirements throughout the year to replenish the baits and to rearrange the traps strategically so as to achieve the best possible result at your unit.

Bromodilione which is single dose anticoagulant rodenticides will be used in areas such as the garden outside the building outer area of your premises when allowed to use.
1. Control of Rodent/Rats we apply Baiting, Trapping, and Rat -sticleesi & burrow fumigation methods.
2. The control services consist of baiting with anticoagulant baits and trapping. The baits and traps are laid at selected points on the runway of rats and mice. Our operator will maintain a constant watch on the progress
3. For rodent control, a special bait station and traps are kept according to movements of Rats.
4. Roda Box: A systematic trapping measure will be planted using rodabox (Box with glue board) which will be kept at a strategic point where there is a rodent path way.
5. Glue boards are effectively flavored to facilitate the attraction of the rat.
6. Cages also used inside the premises.




It observed inside the building & outside the building both. Its control depends on types of infestation and types of ants. So many species of ants may infest food products.

Intensive/extensive spray with water based chemicals. Kitchen, pantry, Rooms, Balcony and Inner & Outer side building.

Mosquito Larva

Larva treatment controls larvae in the breeding habitat before they can mature into adult mosquitoes and disperse. This treatment control breeding habitats helps reduce the adult mosquito population in your premises. Larva is seen in the open area and may also be seen in other areas during the season. Mosquitoes need water and high levels of moisture to sustain them. Although stagnant water is the main breeding place, there are many other places around the premises such as drainage streams, sewers, swimming pools, ponds, etc. Methodology Larvicide is applied to standing water, shallow ponds, pools, tidal waters, slow moving bodies of water and other areas where mosquitoes can breed in the Inner Township and outer side the 1 km outer side of the township.



Adult Mosquito

Fogging treatment to be carried out mainly to control mosquitoes (Dengue) and flying insects. This treatment gives a lot of relief by destroying adult mosquitoes. Treatment will be provided inside the building and outside the building by Fogging machine. Anti-larva pesticides will be also sprayed in the drainage, main holes and outside the building.

A. For mosquito control the spraying should coincide with the peak activities / biting times of the species, for most species this is at night.
B. For fly control, spraying should be done early in the morning when the flies are at ground level and have not gained sufficient heat from the sun to disperse.
C. For mosquito fly control programs, treatment should begin at the onset of the breeding season. Spraying should be done daily or at least on alternate days to prevent the breeding of the newly emerged adult insects. t.
D. More frequent applications may be necessary where there is a continuing insect challenge.
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