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We have a great active customer base, we have treated more than 150+ sites across Delhi- NCR since 2014.

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Welcome to BIO SOLUTION PEST CONTROL SERVICE PRIVATE LIMITED. We provide you with a personalized pest management plan for keeping your place pest free. At Bio Solution Pest Control Service, customer satisfaction is not just a goal, it’s our target, to achieve this. We are servicing our customers in the same way like We Would Want to be serviced. Bio Solution Pest Control Service was set up in the 1998 by a group of professionals technically qualified with proven abilities in the Pest Management Industry. We have a great active customer base, we have treated more than 55 sites across Delhi- NCR since 2014.
To meet the growing demand of Pest Management related services with the latest art of technology in order to satisfy our customer requirements.
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The pest control expert you can trust

We believe in eradication of problems effectively by less depending upon chemicals, & Pesticides, & more reliant upon techniques, i.e., exclusion, trapping & surveillance. In this way we have been bringing more efficacious treatment than traditional one & at the same time it is relatively safer & ecofriendly to the customer.

Anti - Termite Management

Termites commonly known as white-ants, Termites are social & soft body insects

Anti - Termite Management

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Pest covered: Cockroaches, Spiders, Lizard, Fly Insects, Rodent Control, Red & Black Ants, etc.


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It is observed in Kitchen, pantry, Room, electric box Cabinets, Draws etc. American cockroaches – It is observed in toilets, shaft, sewer, basement store area etc.



Spiders are considered a beneficial pest because of their prey to other insects and many people do not consider spider control measures for most spiders.



Lizards are the unsolicited guests that are capable of creating hassle in the house or office. Although lizards feed mosquitoes & insects



Flies are usually seen in the kitchen, Lobby, Entrance area Dumping places, garbage landfills and organic matter or food stuff.


Mosquito Larva

Larva treatment controls larvae in the breeding habitat before they can mature into adult mosquitoes and disperse. This treatment control breeding habitats helps reduce the adult mosquito population in your premises.


Adult Mosquito

Fogging treatment to be carried out mainly to control mosquitoes (Dengue) and flying insects. This treatment gives a lot of relief by destroying adult mosquitoes. Treatment will be provided inside and outside the building.



Rats are very fast and agile animals and therefore careful manipulation and constant vigilance is necessary to keep a rats free place. Rats are found in the kitchen, store, etc.



It observed inside the building & outside the building both. Its control depends on types of infestation and types of ants. So many species of ants may infest food products.

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Bio Solution Pest Control in question enjoys a good reputation and confidence in the local market as well in the Pest Control Industry. We are prepared to consider our customers suggestions for any improvement in our services. We have a team of trained technicians.
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The pest control expert you can trust

Bio Solution Pest Control in question enjoys a good reputation and confidence in the local market as well in the Pest Control Industry.

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Bio Solution Care exceeded my expectations with their pest control services. Their knowledgeable staff and effective treatments eliminated all pests from my home. Highly recommended!

Rohit Aggrawal Delhi

I had a great experience with Bio Solution Care. Their eco-friendly pest control solutions were safe for my family and pets. The results were remarkable, and the team was professional.

Vikas Rana Uttar Pradesh

Bio Solution Care provided exceptional service. Their skilled technicians tackled a severe pest infestation in my workplace swiftly and efficiently. I'm grateful for their expertise and prompt response.

Mohit Pandey Delhi

Choosing Bio Solution Care was the best decision I made for pest control. They were thorough, attentive to detail, and delivered outstanding customer service. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Sakshi Gupta Delhi

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