Lizards Treatment

How We Do Lizards Pest Control Treatment

When it comes to lizards pest control treatment, there are several effective methods that can be employed. Firstly, it is crucial to identify and seal any potential entry points in the building, such as gaps or cracks in walls, windows, and doors, to prevent lizards from entering in the first place. Additionally, reducing their food source by properly storing and disposing of food waste can discourage their presence. Another method is to use natural repellents like garlic or onion sprays, as lizards are known to dislike their strong scent. For more persistent infestations, professional pest control services can be engaged to apply targeted treatments such as insecticide sprays or traps specifically designed for lizards. It is important to note that the chosen method should prioritize the safety of humans and other pets in the vicinity. Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure long-term effectiveness and prevent future lizard infestations.

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What We Use

Intensive/extensive spray with water based chemicals with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Method. Kitchen, pantry, toilets, sewer, gutter entire store, Computer, Lawn area, service area, etc. to be treated with specially formulated chemicals By Pneumatic high Pressure Pump It’s effective to control American cockroaches and German cockroaches

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