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Coronavirus Sanitizer Service

Because prevention is the best option when there is no cure!

For the prevention of corona virus. Depending on your specific requirements, we will provide an infection control fogging scheme that will clean and secure your premises as soon as possible.

Here at B...

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01-Feb-2020 – 31-Dec-2020

1000+ Satisfied customers. Fast solutions for pest control cockroaches & other pests.
Bio Solution Pest Control Service Pvt. Ltd.

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Pest Control Services

  • Termite Control Service

    Termites commonly known as white-ants, Termites are social & soft body insects. They Require high level of humidity and temperature. The most common types of termites that cause damage to man-made constructions are dry wood and subterranean ones. Dry wood termite infestation can be identified by their fecal pellets, which resemble sawdust. This is one of the initial signs of dry wood termite infestation and these fecal pellets (mud tubes) are often found on or near window sills or any wooden structure. These termites can spread fast throughout the house and cause damage to the construction. If you notice any mud tubes or tunnels made by termites near the basement or the walls, you can make sure that the house is infested with subterranean termites, which require moisture for survival and so, are mostly found underground, or in damp locations or damp or wet wood in houses. Around 0.5 mm is good enough to gain entry. As compared to subterranean termites, dry wood ones are larger in size.
  • General Pest Control

    This involves in spraying the entire premises and surrounding areas like- workstation, main holes, drains, kitchen, store, washroom and other common areas.These services will cover pest cover pest like- Cockroaches, Files Mosquitoes, Lizard and Ants.Common species associated with man are German cockroach, oriental cockroaches and American cockroach. They are loathsome pests, spreading flits and running food, fabric and book bindings. They also mechanically transmit pathogenic bacteria including many diseases. They regurgitate food thereby contaminating the surface which they crawl. Common breeding sites are house drain chambers, ducts and pipes food preparation areas and storage areas with high humidity. To control cockroaches and silverfish we use of different spray chemicals, gel treatments and herbal paste etc.
  • Commercial Pest Control

    Pest Management Services for Your Business.No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a solution for you. Find out what you can expect from your Good Rich Pest Control service.When you choose Good Rich Pest Control Services, you choose a program that addresses your business’s specific needs.We’ll start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and deliver scientifically based, customized solutions that help provide unparalleled results to meet your exact needs.
  • Residential Pest Conreol

    Good Rich Pest Control provides domestic pest control services and is the name you can trust and deal with any kind of pest problems with in your area.We recommend our domestic pest control service which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets.We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes.With Domestic Pest Control Services, client’s homes will be treated and monitored by one of our highly trained technicians for maximum effectiveness.
  • Industrial Pest Control

    Pest Management Services Built To Suite Your Needs.Got a question, comment, suggestion, or complaint about residential,commercial,industrial pest control ? We’d like to hear from you.Schedule an service using our convenient Schedule Service form,or fill out the simple feedback form below. Or Call Us for the inspection in for residential, commercial, industrial pest control services in India.Pest Specialist is trained to assess your building’s unique characteristics, then implement and monitor a plan based in science that he’s created just for you.
  • Mosquitoes Management

    Mosquitoes apart from causing nuisance to mankind play a major role in the transmission of more human diseases than any other arthropods. These include malaria,-Filariasis, dengue/ dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), Japanese Encephalitis (JE), etc. causing high morbidity and mortality. Mosquitoes breeds in various types of water habitats ranging from clean water collection to organic polluted waters depending on the species. Adult’s males feed on nectar from plants. Female mosquitoes bite and feed on blood of humans and /or animals. Because female mosquito’s feeds regularly on blood, diseases causing pathogens can we transmitted from man to man (e.g. malaria, parasite) via vector mosquitoes.To prevent these you need effective mosquitoes which have the capability of spreading these diseases. Managing adult mosquitoes not only disturb the file cycle of multiply.
  • Rodent Control

    Rats cause damage by their feeding habits running into thousand of million tones of foods and feedstuffs worldwide, but losses due to contamination are even higher. Rats transmit diseases to humans and animals by the direct route. Rats are responsible for the direct transmission of diseases due to rat-specific ectopapasites (e.g. transmission of bubonic plague by the oriental rat flea).Rats devour 16% of the food in India every yr. Rats are associates with more than 200 pathogenic organism (viruses, bacteria, fungi and arthropods). They also damage carpets, curtains, furniture, telephone and electric wires. To Control rodents we use rodents cage, pads chemical bites and mix foodstuff which will reduce the menace rodents.
  • Lizard Control

    We will spray the chemicals on the walls where lizard usually comes out for eating insects.

How to Protect the Guests Staying in the Hotel from the Top Five Pests.

  • All Types Pest Control Services In Hotel.

    * Bio Solution Pest Control Service Private Limited Through Pest Management is a process by which the pest population is maintained fully controlled so that economic and physical losses can be prevented. *Five of the most common pests in Hotel:- Bed Bugs, Termite, Cockroaches, Rodent and Mosquito. So I would like to tell you that if you have any such problems in your hotel, than you can contact us (Mob- 9711226787) (Mail-


8 months ago
Reasonable price... Descent behaviour... dedicated work
7 months ago
Nice service given by the agent and very polite .definately reccomendable
- geetanjali d
7 months ago
Taking a Pest Control Service...using quality product satisfy with service
- suminder s
Thank You so very much for your interest in Bio Solution Pest Control Service Pvt.Ltd. With reference to our pleasant conversation held with you regarding your Pest Control Needs. It gives me immense pleasure to approach you in respect to our business domain, to offer you this proposal to eradicate Pest problems from your site.

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves; we at Bio Solution Pest Control, an ISO certified and (Govt. Approved Organization) have been providing Pest Management services since 2014. We adopting the strategy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to eradicate pests from your sweet home, work place or Income property, we know how to best treat and prevent every type of pest control problems, may it be termites, cockroaches, rats, lizard, ants and other crawling & flying insects.
We provide you with a personalized pest management plan for keeping your place pest free.
At Bio Solution Pest Control Service, customer satisfaction is not just a goal, it’s our target, to achieve this. We are servicing our customers in the same way like We Would Want to be serviced.
Bio Solution Pest Control Service was set up in the 1998 by a group of professionals technically qualified with proven abilities in the Pest Management Industry. We have a great active customer base; we have treated more than 93 sites across Delhi- NCR since 2014.
We believe in eradication of problems effectively by less depending upon chemicals, & Pesticides, & more reliant upon techniques, i.e., exclusion, trapping & surveillance. In this way we have been bringing more efficacious treatment than traditional one & at the same time it is relatively safer & eco-friendly to the customer.

We Provide services for:

Anti Termite, 
Bed Bugs Control, 
Flies, Snak,
Wood Borer, 
Bat Control

Good Services,
@ Affordable pricing,
Eco Friendly Chemicals,
1000+ happy families.

Termite Treatment Steps:-

Our Four Step service for Termite Management shall give you freedom from termites: (we follow Drill-fill-seal service method)

Step 1 Treatment at the Junction of Wall / floor
Step 2 Treatment at points of contact of fixed wood work.
Step 3 Treatment to mud tube shelters
Step 4 Coating on all wood work / fixtures
Special care shall be taken in case of furniture attached to the walls as termites can easily attack them.

More than 12 years experience
North India’s # 1 Pest Management Company.
Govt. Approved Co.
Using latest & certified chemicals / Eco -Friendly / Herbal
Locally owned & operated, since 2009
Technically qualified staff with proven ability to give best results.

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